Emerging Opportunities In Important Issues In Handbags

Emerging Opportunities In Important Issues In Handbags

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Glad and its parent, Clorox, have been committed to environmental causes, partly through product innovation, for years. Among other efforts, Alma created the Glad Tent at SXSW a few years ago, stressing the importance of picking up trash after musical festivals, and the Fresh Vs. Rotten demo wall to demonstrate that Glad cling wrap keeps food fresher longer, which is also good for the environment. That’s a worthy cause. “The Glad Wall” calls for social justice, though, which is a different cause—and one in which Glad doesn’t have any history of involvement. Indeed, in some ways, “The Glad Wall” feels like a product pitch first and a commitment to a cause second. We've got a lot of trash to get rid of & Glad is trashing the heaviest of them all with #TheGladWall during #WynwoodArtWalk this weekend. pic.twitter.com/rxaL7kmgiz “The world is full of trash, but Glad is literally getting rid of the heaviest of all, hate, with an installation to convey that Glad’s unique ForceFlex technology lets us carry the heaviest loads without tearing the bag,” Alma CEO and creative chairman Luis Miguel Messianu told AdFreak in an email. That’s a pretty awkward conflation of product and cause marketing.

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It is only girgian, stop showing off

It is known in other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states including Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in different names. It is also well-known in Iraq, and for the people in the Ahwaz and Al-Ahsa regions. It is usually celebrated on the 13th, 14th and 15th day of Ramadan with special songs; boys and girls going from door to door in special traditional costumes singing to get treats of candies and mixed nuts, and sometimes some small coins (50 or 100 fils) hidden within the mixture. Boys usually sing different songs than those sung by girls expressing wishes for long healthy lives for those in each house they visit. In ancient Kuwait, these groups used to move from Jebla (Qebla) to Sharq and vice versa. They sometimes went to Merqab. It was a rather simple process which included some little fights, funny incidents, intimidation and kids snatching away each other’s bags of girgian. The entire scene was so impulsive, and clear of an exaggerations. Gergean is a nice tradition we ought to protect and keep. It is loved by both citizens and residents.

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